Individual carried integrated mooring system

video images

video images
Stable power supply

The ultra long power supply can achieve a continuous unmanned aerial vehicle parking for ≥ 24 hours. In case of abnormal tethered power supply, it supports automatic switching of the unmanned aerial vehicle power supply to ensure normal landing

Ultra strong lighting

The total power of 4 sets of lighting can reach 600W, equipped with 50 meters of automatic retractable cables, and the effective lighting area is ≥ 4000 square meters

Reliable light group

The input voltage of a single lamp group is 20-50V, the maximum power is 150W, the weight is 150g, and the overheating protection temperature is 125 ° C.

Super stable

The system protection can withstand customs ≥ 10m/s (level 5 wind), adopts bearing anti water and corrosion design, and has a safety protection level of IP54


Give full play to the advantages of good stability of multi rotor wings, combined with heavy-duty industry level drones, to provide continuous clearance capability and give more possibilities for mounting and use.


It can be powered from the ground or from a generator.

Advantages of the plan

Fearless of the Night
Strong scalability, supporting deep customization
Different devices can be mounted and left blank continuously
Excellent stability