High altitude cleaning operations using heavy-duty industry grade drones
Greatly improving the efficiency of high-altitude operations while liberating manual labor

Dual cleaning mode

By combining a conventional spray cleaning system with a single point directional cleaning system, it is possible to perform both routine cleaning and targeted strong cleaning of stubborn stains.

Support route planning

Support route planning, and unmanned aerial vehicles can independently fly for cleaning operations.

Strong cleaning

The conventional cleaning mode uses 8 fan-shaped high-pressure nozzles, while the fixed point mode uses two columnar high-pressure nozzles, providing strong cleaning power.

Fast and efficient operation

Under normal mode, 30L can be continuously sprayed for 90 seconds, with a spraying width of 2 meters and a single cleaning area of 300 square meters.

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Photovoltaic cleaning drone

Adjustable nozzle length

The nozzle length can be adjusted according to specific scene requirements.

Strong spraying flow rate

The maximum pressure of the intelligent control booster pump is 3Mpa, and the maximum spraying flow rate is 5L/min.

The capacity of the work box can be upgraded

It can be upgraded to a larger capacity according to demand, effectively improving the efficiency of single sortie operations.

Worry free and stable flight

The commonly used 6-axis 6-rotor layout provides better flight stability, while adjusting the overall center of gravity position of the aircraft for excellent stability.

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High altitude cleaning drone