Super portability and exceptional performance

The entire machine adopts a modular design, paired with a universal quick release interface and folding scheme, achieving unparalleled portability and rapid deployment capability without losing flight performance.

The size in folded state is only 1140 * 860 * 350mm

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Deployed as an industry drone with a standard payload of 50kg


Modular design

The flight platform and tripod are all equipped with universal interfaces, which not only have a small folding size, but also can adapt to mounting devices of different heights and sizes.

Ultimate portability

3 backpacks complete all material transfer

Flight platform tripod backpack

Load the folded flight platform and folded tripod into the backpack

Mount backpack

Hang various tasks such as fire extinguishers, smoke bombs, and loudspeakers in your backpack

Battery accessories backpack

Pack accessories such as batteries, remote controls, chargers, etc. into your backpack

Performance remains strong

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Empty weight 23kg, wheelbase 2200mm
6-axis 6-propeller layout, standard load 50kg
No-load endurance of 70 minutes, 50kg endurance of 25 minutes
Wind resistance level 6, working temperature -20~60 ℃
Maximum flight speed of 20m/s, maximum operating altitude of 5000 meters

Leading design

Innovation drives industry change