Disruptive Flight Platform

The RT100 adopts a 4-axis 8-blade configuration and a fully carbon fiber integrated body, giving it unparalleled structural strength and flight performance.

Strong performance

The standard load capacity is 50kg, the maximum flight speed can exceed 20m/s, and the no-load endurance is 45 minutes.

Extremely stable

After testing in harsh environments such as moderate rain, strong winds, severe cold, and high altitude, and taking off several times with full load, it is stable and reliable.

Rich mount support

Equipped with a quick disconnect interface, it can seamlessly match mounting in many industries, and the 50kg standard load also gives more possibilities for expansion.

Leading Industrial Design

Having industry-leading industrial vision, without losing the sense of industrial design while ensuring product functionality.

In numerous delivery testing scenarios, RT100 has undergone various extremely severe tests.


Disruptive industry drones

Successfully delivered hundreds of customer cases

Widely recognized and praised by customers

Experienced various harsh environmental measurements

Moderate rain, strong winds, severe cold, high altitude, high temperature and other environments have all been tested and passed

Countless awards

Received numerous awards


EXcellent Performance

Innovation drives industry change

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Disruptive Industry Class Drone RT100

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