Police Military
Smoke bomb/tear gas firing

Using heavy-duty industry grade drones to mount fire extinguishers and launch multiple smoke bombs at designated locations at high altitudes.


Fully leverage the advantages of the industry's unmanned aerial vehicles with heavy loads to launch high-altitude precision smoke bombs.

Support smoke bombs, tear gas bombs, shock bombs, etc.

Designed with a dedicated magazine safety protection system.

Designed with a projectile impact monitoring system/anti projectile detachment protection module.

Advantages of the plan

Multiple security protection modes
Pitch adjustable
Supports multiple types of ammunition
Support for mounting multiple missile bodies
Detailed parameters of electric shock equipment


Aviation aluminum+stainless steel

Supply Voltage


Product size


Product weight


Recoil force


System Power consumption


operation temperature


state feedback

Real time feedback of each channel status

Protective devices

Magazine safety protection system

Installation method

Quick release installation

Damping method

Independent spring with built-in shock absorption

protection grade


safe mode

Equipment locking/ammunition loading detection/power on detection

protection mode

Bullet firing monitoring system/anti bullet detachment protection module.


Network port/serial port/SBUS/CAN

Pitch function

Manually adjustable, angle 0-90 °

control mode

App Control

Supporting ammunition types

Smoke bombs, tear gas bombs, shock bombs, etc