Police Military
Shell launcher

Using heavy-duty industry grade drones to accurately fire various shells at high altitudes.


High altitude long-range precise firing of shells.

Supports 360 ° pitch axis.

Equipped with one click down aiming and cross cursor prompt.

Supports 4-6 rounds of ammunition loading.

Advantages of the plan

Pitch axis 360 ° control
Support for multiple loading
1-3 meter throwing accuracy
Equipped with one click down and cross cursor aiming
Detailed parameters of shell launcher

Overall dimensions


Compatible bullet type


Net weight of equipment


Equipment material

Aviation aluminum+carbon fiber+stainless steel

Installation method

Lock tongue up impact automatic locking

Launch method

Automatic single throw

Loading capacity

4-6 pieces

Power supply mode

Airborne power supply

working voltage

DC 12-60V

control mode

SBUS signal or independent PWM

Throwing accuracy


Control angle

Pitch axis 360 °

control mode

Independent remote control PWM signal control for automatic start stop

Aiming function

One click down aiming, cross cursor aiming