Fire extinguishing
High rise water hose fire extinguishing

Use heavy-duty industrial UAVs to attach water hoses and spray water, fire extinguishing agent, fire extinguishing foam, etc. accurately at high altitude.


Give full play to the advantages of drones in the industry with heavy loads, and carry ground water sources or fire extinguishing agents to high altitude for designated firefighting.

The drone platform is equipped with a three-axis pod that can accurately locate the source of fire.

Measured at around 100 meters.

The spraying range is determined by the combination of different nozzles, pipe diameters, and types of extinguishing agents.

Advantages of the plan

Accurate high-rise fire extinguishing
Support multiple extinguishing agents for firefighting operations
strong stability
Strong load-bearing capacity, capable of carrying water sources to high altitude for firefighting operations
Detailed parameters of fire hose

Type of fire extinguishing agent

Fire foam/fire water agent

pipe diameter


Installation method

Quick release installation

spraying distance


Use height


Water pipe length