Fire extinguishing
Fire extinguishing bomb throwing

Use heavy-duty industry level drones to mount water-based fire extinguishing shells, dry powder fire extinguishing shells, fire extinguishing balls, etc. for firefighting throwing operations.


Fully leverage the advantages of drones in the industry with high load capacity, combined with throwing equipment, to complete precise firefighting operations and throwing tasks.

Supports up to 16 throws.

Support multiple throwing methods such as one click full throwing and single throwing.

Different fire extinguishing shells have different weights and fire extinguishing effects, and heavy-duty drones can complete the task of carrying multiple fire extinguishing shells for saturated fire extinguishing operations.

Advantages of the plan

Stable electronic control throwing
Maximum 16 throw support
Multiple throwing modes can be switched freely
Single throw with high load capacity
Detailed parameters of the throwing device

Main material of the shell

aluminum alloy

Overall dimensions


Supports mounting weight


Delivery method

Sequential electronic control

Release switch

Servo PWM


Remote control


Quick disconnect interface

Detailed parameters of water-based fire extinguishing shell (5kg)

Single main material

PET plastic

Full length


Full bomb weight


Net weight of extinguishing agent


Distribution area of single fire extinguisher


Fire extinguisher safety release safety height


The height of the fire extinguisher


Detailed parameters of dry powder fire extinguishing ball (4kg)

Spheroid diameter


Net weight of sphere


Alarm loudness


Effective fire extinguishing space


Automatic fire extinguishing time


Type of fire extinguishing agent

ABC ultrafine dry powder