Fire extinguishing
Fire extinguishing tank

Utilize heavy-duty industry grade drones to mount fire extinguishers and accurately spray fire extinguishing agents at designated locations at high altitudes for firefighting operations.


Fully leverage the advantages of drones in the industry with heavy loads to carry out high-altitude precision fire extinguishing with fire extinguishers.

The drone platform is equipped with a three-axis pod that can accurately locate the source of fire.

Ultra fine dry powder.

Supports forward and downward spraying.

Advantages of the plan

Accurate high-rise fire extinguishing
Supports forward and downward spraying
strong stability
Can quickly complete multiple spraying fire extinguishing tasks
Detailed parameters of fire extinguisher (20L)

spraying distance


Tank pressure


Disassembly and assembly method

Quick release installation

Supply Voltage


extinguish material

Ultrafine dry powder

Spray direction

Facing forward or downward

Extinguishing range


Tank volume


Fire extinguishing level


control mode

solenoid valve