Unmanned freight
Cable descent system scheme

Combining with industry level drone flight platforms, goods and materials are suspended at the end of the cable landing system, allowing the aircraft to complete material transportation without landing, fully utilizing the advantages of heavy-duty drones to empower efficient unmanned transportation.


Fully leverage the advantages of strong stability and good handling of multi rotor unmanned aerial vehicles, and in complex terrain with certain altitude differences, leverage the carrying capacity of heavy-duty unmanned aerial vehicles to efficiently and smoothly transport materials that require stable transportation to the target point.

No, just use the descent system to unhook the material from the casing, then retract the rope, and the drone can take off and continue operations.

All products of Huaqi Tiancheng are supported.

There is an earthquake resistant mode for the descent system flight control, which allows for self adjustment of attitude to reduce pendulum effects.

Advantages of the plan

Low equipment size requirements, suitable for more material sizes
Strong scalability, supporting deep customization
Supporting heavy loads and being able to carry more supplies
Strong adaptability to harsh environments
Detailed parameters of the descent system

working voltage


Equipment weight


Maximum length of retraction and release line


Maximum take-up speed


Maximum Payoff Speed


Maximum Load




operation temperature


Disassembly and assembly method

Quick Release