Unmanned freight
Transport box plan

By combining industry level drone flight platforms, the transport box is fixed at the bottom of the drone, fully utilizing the advantages of heavy-duty drones to enable efficient unmanned transportation.


Fully leverage the advantages of strong stability and good handling of multi rotor unmanned aerial vehicles, and in complex terrain with certain altitude differences, leverage the carrying capacity of heavy-duty unmanned aerial vehicles to efficiently and smoothly transport materials that require stable transportation to the target point.

Emergency rescue material transportation, daily material transportation, normalization of transportation, etc.

All products of Huaqi Tiancheng are supported.

Support multiple flight modes such as manual control, autonomous route, and one aircraft dual control.

Advantages of the plan

Strong adaptability and can be applied to various scenarios
Strong scalability, supporting deep customization
High stability, safer flight
Fearless of harsh environments
Detailed parameters of material transportation box


Carbon fiber+aluminum alloy


Customizable, subject to actual size

Supporting load capacity

Customizable, subject to actual load

control mode

Electrically controlled cabin door opening and closing