Hardware Engineer

senior hardware engineer
Based on hardware, business diagram, power supply, clock, and module division schemes, conduct device selection, schematic diagram, and PCB design
Promote signal integrity testing, EMC, and certification related work, locate, analyze, and resolve abnormal hardware issues
Solve issues related to single board production testing, producibility, maintainability, and testability during trial and mass production stages, ensuring production throughput and improving production efficiency
Participate in hardware cost reduction, compatibility substitution, and material preparation work, assist in solving supply chain issues related to product hardware
Participate in the construction of technical platforms for related hardware modules, and be responsible for the review and design guidance work in related fields

Perception Algorithm Engineer

Senior Algorithm Engineer
Responsible for technical planning of one or more perception algorithm modules
Promote subsequent calculations of existing algorithm modules
Improve the overall solution of deep learning and computer vision related algorithms
Coordinate with hardware engineers to design the overall plan

Advanced Regional Sales

overseas sales
Responsible for local market retail coverage and channel construction and management
Responsible for the corresponding sales assessment indicators and business indicators
Coordinate the planning and execution of offline marketing activities and online digital marketing
Participate in the development of sales strategies for local consumer products
Responsible for segmented market and omnichannel management
Connect with local offline resource channels and promote them

Senior Community Marketing Post

overseas market
Responsible for contacting, executing, and coordinating local KOLs, well-known bloggers, and internet celebrities to improve the quality and innovation of the company's product and brand promotion, promotional content, and support the company's business development
Coordinate KOL's outline, script, video review work, as well as tracking, evaluation, and data acquisition after video release, and organize and analyze the data to be responsible for drainage and conversion
Identify key KOLs that collaborate with the company, establish and maintain proactive relationships with key KOLs, and increase content exposure on multiple online and offline media and platforms within the company
Responsible for negotiating and managing cooperation agreements to ensure strong business results, and as a member of the global KOL team, mobilizing internal and external resources to support and promote the launch of new products
Work closely with other teams such as product managers, public relations, and integrated marketing teams to ensure high-quality content output